A fine art photographer based in New Haven, CT

Motherhood is full of adorable moments of your children.

  As a mom you’re always photographing those moments, you don’t want to miss anything, I get it! But years from now, you will look back and notice you were not in any of the photos! Your children will want to see photos of their childhood with you in them. I promise you that the first thing you notice when you look back on these moments will not be the messy hair or the bags under your eyes.

The first thing you notice will be the memory of the love you felt at that exact moment.

It happens to me all the time being a photographer I’m always taking pictures of David ( my baby), most of the time I’m  behind the camera, sometimes I need to stop myself and take some time to be in the picture with my little one. When I see the photos from David’s newborn session ( I was a mess, but seeing those pictures I just remember the love I felt at that moment) photographing your little one is great, photographing your relationship with your kids is even better.