What is more beautiful than a woman about to bring life into the world.

Seeing the love and anticipation on the faces of Maudeline and her husband, and getting to capture this moment for them before they embark on the greast adventure of their lives is such a special gift and I am so grateful.

This Session was also a unique and fun change because Maudeline wanted to have a creative side to her portraits.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this maternity Session.




It is always so amazing to capture nude maternity photography images of a woman about to give birth and hold her newborn for the very first time. There is nothing else like it, and the moment will never come again. A woman’s pregnant body never ceases to amaze me and I feel so privileged capturing this special time.

With celebrities like Demi Moore, Myleene Klass and Christina Aguilera on the cover of fashion magazines, proudly displaying their beautiful naked bumps, it is becoming increasingly popular for Mums-to-be to have a Maternity photo shoot in the nude or in lingerie rather than the standard clothed shots.

Why not record your body at its most feminine and curvaceous with an album full of flattering, elegant maternity portraits that really capture your special glow. Whether you prefer soft and sensual, artistic, abstract or creative, we will turn your body into a work of art.

As with all our photo shoots, the level of nudity in your pregnancy portraits is totally up to you. You can wear a rope to reveal only your bump, or we can cover you with fabric with so that we still see your wonderful shape, but you don’t feel so exposed. Of course, if you do want some nude maternity portraits, we are completely comfortable with this too as we have specialized in nude and boudoir portraits.

We offer a combination of some soft “daylight feel” images and some high contrast lighting to give you a good variety of different images from your photo shoot. We recommend the best time to have your maternity photo shoot is between 30-36 weeks for optimum bump size. We can arrange dates later than this, but you do then run the risk that if your baby decides to arrive earlier than expected, you may miss the opportunity of having your shoot.

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ARTISTIC PREGNANCY NUDES – New Haven, Connecticut Photographer | Little Life Studio

There is something so wonderful about a maternity session!  A woman is so beautiful when she is growing a new life inside her. The love for your child is completely unconditional, that is why so many women are choosing to capture that memory.

During any maternity portrait session there is often the thought about doing a nude pregnancy photoshoot. There are often so many questions about the process which I will attempt to answer here. It is important to remember that it is always a matter of taste, some mums-to-be love the idea and others not so much. There is no right or wrong, just what is right for you.

If you are thinking about having a maternity photo-shoot, one thing you may want to think about is a question of nude?

You may well be thinking that “I would never want to have that done” and we absolutely understand! There are many reasons why you may not want to think about  pregnancy nude pictures.

  • What if I look fat?
  • I wouldn’t want my family seeing the pictures!
  • I don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of a stranger.

Firstly it is vitally important that for any of your maternity portraits, you find someone whose style you like. But, what about the concern that many of us have, not looking your best and not being happy with aspects of your body? It is an unfortunate world we live in that we even have those types’ worries. That does not mean that we can simply ignore them however and you should be sure that your photographer is able to photograph you in a way that is going to show you at your very best. You can make a fairly good judgement by looking at the photographer’s portfolio. All of our sessions include full make-up, editing and Photoshop work to ensure that you will look as great as you can!

One concern that is often raised is “I don’t want my family seeing them”. We aim to produce pieces of art that you will be proud of, that are not nude for the sake of nude and most importantly do not show any part that you wouldn’t want your Mom or family to see!

One of the most common concerns is not wanting to be nude in front of a stranger. That is a really good point! I wouldn’t want to either and that is exactly why this style is not to everyone’s tastes. It is important to remember that going full nude is only one option, you do not need to go that far. You can choose to wear underwear, lingerie, be covered in sheer fabric or the many other types of combinations.

A photoshoot often starts fairly nervously on both sides of the camera. The photographer is worried about many things. The light levels, composition, posing, outfits, color and tons more. The subject is worried about how do they look? Nerves, posing, can the photographer do a good job? What am I supposed to be doing? –  It is the photographer’s job to help dissipate this worries. What then tends to happen is that nerves settle and the photos become easier, the posing more natural and in the end, if the photographer has done their job correctly, you will be at total ease with posing and not feeling nervous and uncomfortable in front of the camera.

A very good example of this is our last Nude pregnancy photo-shoot with the beautiful mom-to-be, Yanerie, she found us on our Facebook page. We chatted for months planning the session and waiting for the belly to show a little more. Yanerie wanted to try an Artistic pregnancy nudes and it was such a great decision.

The day of the shoot, I could see she was a bit nervous. We chatted for a while talked about ideas we both had, wardrobe hair and makeup. After a few test shots I could see Yanerie showing her true self.

After the maternity gowns, we started the simple fabric fine art studio portraits and the classic nudes.  These are some of my favorite moments to capture because the simplicity of the props shines all the focus on this new mother and her emotions.  I provide plenty of input to my clients so that they can look their best and the lighting and angles of the body position can accentuate the curves.  I have lots of ways to direct my clients, and I was happy to produce images that rode the balance between elegant nude and motherly anticipation and love.

Here are just a few from this ARTISTIC NUDE PREGNANCY PHOTOSHOOT.

Please contact us  if you would like to book your artistic maternity session.  This is such a short and precious time in your life!  You don’t want to miss out on having amazing portraits taken of you during this time to remember it as your baby grows.  I am available in the Connecticut area for maternity, newborn, children and family sessions.

Maternity Photography at Yale University – New Haven, CT

Julia found me on our Facebook page and after visiting the website she decided I was the lucky one to capture her maternity memories. Julia knew what she wanted as far as location and wardrobe and decided to leave the creative part to me. We did the shoot at Yale University in Downtown New Haven.

Because it’s been only a few months since I moved from NYC to CT, it was going to be my first time shooting at Yale University, to prepare for this shoot I decided to go and scout the place a few days before the session. I had such a wonderful time exploring the gorgeous architecture. 

Here are just a few of my favorites from this lovely Maternity Session

The day of the shoot we were so lucky to have such an amazing weather.  This couple was so in sync it was so easy to capture their connection and love for each other in camera. Congratulations to this sweet couple!

Making mom feel like a Super Model – Genesis & Angel (Maternity Session)

I was so excited when this session was booked. It was purchased as a gift for this beautiful Mommy (Genesis)

It’s the first time for me that someone loved my job so much that decided to buy it as a gift for her dearest friend.  I hold this very close to my heart it means so much for me.  They come from NJ, that’s a two hours and half drive to my studio + traffic, I feel so humble and  greatfull.

Because Genesis lives so far from us we decided it was best to do the pre-session consultation and the creative planning over the phone which worked really well. I always try to get as much information  as I can about  mom’s expectation for her session.
We talked about her style, wardrobe, hair and makeup, color scheme etc etc.

It is extremely important to me that mom feels her best on the day of the session, that’s why hair and makeup is encourage as well as manicure and pedicure . Moms get ready to be spoiled!

Genesis had her hair and make up on point. She looks like a model walking the runway, and killed it following my instructions on how to pose.

The day of the shoot there was so much energy and good vibes through the entire session. She and her family were so sweet, It was a breeze to shoot with them

Here are a few of our favorite images from this amazing collection

in-studio maternity sessions

Beauty Photo Session – Women Empowerment – The Art of self love

Making women feel beautiful

My goal is to make women feel beautiful.

A little inspiration and practical advice regarding the most important and meaningful love of your life… YOU.

My goal is mainly making women feel good about themselves. Just letting them see themselves differently… Everyone is beautiful in their own way so I just like to be able to show them, they are!

If you wait till you lose those last 10 pounds you’re never going to do it. It’s not about having the perfect body, it’s about being who you are and expressing that.

Loving yourself can seem like a vague idea, indulgent or even unnecessary. But it’s vital. Putting self love into practice and creating habits that fill you up is key to a fulfilled life. Daily self love will make you a better human, mother, wife, photographer… a better you.

I’m fortunate enough to have photographed amazing women who have become friends – mothers, entrepreneurs, single ladies, working ladies… women like Luz Morillo ( my inspiration for this Blog – follow her on her Instragram Page). She is the most loving, nurturing, evolved human, who values the art of self love. 

Today, I’m bringing you

8 little reminders that make a little easier to love ourselves.

By Alexandra Harra

Forgive yourself. Every one of us makes mistakes — in relationships, finances, personal decisions, and so on. Mistakes can be costly reminders to think before we act, but they are also encompassed by greater lessons. Remembering this can help us forgive our former failures and discern their higher purpose. When we forgive ourselves for our shortcomings we can redirect our attention to new efforts that produce new results.

Put yourself first. There lies beauty in sacrifice. But when you constantly put yourself second, you set up an inevitable pattern of behavior. In time, you settle for second place in more than one area of life. Reevaluate what it means to put yourself first: engaging in your interests, pursuing your ambitions, and ensuring your well-being. Practice this mantra in all difficult situations: If it doesn’t bring me good, it isn’t worth my effort.


Recognize your strengths.  Find your core set of values and don’t waver from those. Understand what are your shining qualities and showcase them with beaming confidence. Once you acknowledge your strengths, you can raise your standards in all elements of life. The moment you begin to believe that you deserve better is the moment you receive better.

Do something you love each day. When was the last time you did something you truly loved?  Whether it’s a hobby, talent, or special craft, take thirty minutes out of your day, each day, to practice what nourishes your soul. 

Cut out all negative influences. Make a list of the people in your life who have no place being there. You know who they are — Stop surrounding yourself with people whose words and actions are toxic.

Celebrate your worth.  Celebrate your personal triumphs, both big and small, and let every former victory be a fervent reminder that future wins await, too.


Milk-bath Maternity Session

We’re so excited to share our very last Maternity session!

It’s hard to believe that Jessica and Darwin became part of the Little Life Studio family.

My husband, Adrian met with them a few years ago. He photographed their wedding, a memory that still feels so fresh in our mind to this day.

After having the privilege of capturing the biggest milestone in their relationship so far, we were so honored to be able to freeze this precious time in their lives. Our relationships with our couples (ones that extend far beyond the wedding day) have become one of the biggest blessings of this job, and one of the greatest joys has been watching so many of our couples begin families of their own.

Jessica and Darwin, We are so excited For you. We have so many images we love from our time together, but here’s just a few of our favorites!

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