It is always so amazing to capture nude maternity photography images of a woman about to give birth and hold her newborn for the very first time. There is nothing else like it, and the moment will never come again. A woman’s pregnant body never ceases to amaze me and I feel so privileged capturing this special time.

With celebrities like Demi Moore, Myleene Klass and Christina Aguilera on the cover of fashion magazines, proudly displaying their beautiful naked bumps, it is becoming increasingly popular for Mums-to-be to have a Maternity photo shoot in the nude or in lingerie rather than the standard clothed shots.

Why not record your body at its most feminine and curvaceous with an album full of flattering, elegant maternity portraits that really capture your special glow. Whether you prefer soft and sensual, artistic, abstract or creative, we will turn your body into a work of art.

As with all our photo shoots, the level of nudity in your pregnancy portraits is totally up to you. You can wear a rope to reveal only your bump, or we can cover you with fabric with so that we still see your wonderful shape, but you don’t feel so exposed. Of course, if you do want some nude maternity portraits, we are completely comfortable with this too as we have specialized in nude and boudoir portraits.

We offer a combination of some soft “daylight feel” images and some high contrast lighting to give you a good variety of different images from your photo shoot. We recommend the best time to have your maternity photo shoot is between 30-36 weeks for optimum bump size. We can arrange dates later than this, but you do then run the risk that if your baby decides to arrive earlier than expected, you may miss the opportunity of having your shoot.

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