LIFE'S MIRACLE We're a family photography studio passionated about creating timeless memories to celebrate motherhood and family. Servicing CT and around. BOOK NOW MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY



We're a family photography studio, passionate about creating timeless memories to celebrate motherhood and family. Servicing CT and around. BOOK NOW
FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY FOREVER MOMENTS We're a family photography studio passionated about creating timeless memories to celebrate motherhood and family. Servicing CT and around. BOOK NOW 0{{current_slide_index}}-0{{total_slide_count}}


We exist to celebrate motherhood and family. We understand the importance of capturing and preserving the special moments in a mother’s life – from the anticipation and joy of pregnancy to the arrival of a new baby. Let us help you immortalize those timeless family moments.




Little Life Studio exists to celebrate motherhood and family. We understand the importance of capturing and preserving the special moments in a mother’s life, from the anticipation and joy of pregnancy to the arrival of a new baby. That’s why we offer a wide range of photography services and products to meet the unique needs of moms and moms-to-be.

Whether you’re looking for a professional photoshoot to document your pregnancy or want to create beautiful keepsakes of your newborn and growing family, we have something for you to immortalize those timeless family moments.




Capture the magic of your newborn’s early days.


Celebrate the miracle of motherhood.


Capture the warmth and love of your family.


Baby milestones, smash cake, portrait, and more.








We offer a variety of photography packages and products to suit your needs. Our studio is located in Branford, Connecticut, but we can also conduct outdoor or on-location sessions upon request. Our packages are a unique opportunity to capture the love, strength, and beauty of your family.

– Newborn Sessions
– Maternity Sessions
– Family Sessions
– Miselanaus Sessions

– Photo Albums 
– Portrait Canvas
– Image Prints
– Photography Gifts



Please get started by booking your session using our website booking system. We'll get in touch with you to confirm your request.
A $50 retainer is required to hold your session date. Please reserve in advance since a limited number of monthly sessions are available.
After the confirmation and retainer payment, you'll receive a link to complete a questionnaire that helps tailor your session — followed by a phone call to discuss the session details further.
It's photoshoot day. Let the fun and creativity begin! If the session takes place in our studio, you'll find a quiet and serene environment in which to bring your baby or family. It's a time for relaxing, reflecting, and storytelling.
Following your photoshoot, we select the best images for artistic editing. We devote time to carefully compare hundreds of photos from your shoot and select only those that meet our standards. These final images are each individually processed and artistically enhanced.
You'll get a link to your online gallery, ready to be downloaded on any device, and where you can optionally purchase prints. If you want more memories of your session, reach out to buy add-ons such as canvas, albums, and gifts.
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& Answers


Where is the studio located?
Our studio is located at 3 Jefferson Rd, Branford, CT 06405

Are walk-ins welcome
You are welcome to visit us for inquiries, but a session requires an appointment.

Is there parking available? 
Yes, the studio is easily accessible from the highway in Branford, CT, and offers dedicated parking for clients.

How safe is the studio? 
If you are concerned about the safety of bringing your baby and family to our studio, let us assure you that we take every measure to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Our studio is always kept impeccably clean and maintained at comfortable temperatures for each session. We thoroughly clean and sterilize all clothing, wraps, and props between clients to ensure that everything is germ-free. Our staff is up-to-date on all immunizations and flu shots, and we take every precaution to prioritize the safety of your new babies and children. In summary, you can trust that our studio is a safe and welcoming space for you and your family.


How long until I get my edited photos? 
After your photo shoot, we take the time to carefully review all of the images captured and select the best ones for artistic editing. We sift through hundreds of photos and only choose those that meet our high standards. Each selected image undergoes individual processing and enhancement to bring out its full potential. This process typically takes about a week to complete.

Do the package options include prints and digital files?
As part of our sessions, you will receive edited artistic images in full resolution. Prints are not included in the package and must be purchased separately as an add-on. However, you have printing rights included with all sessions, so you can print the images on your own if you prefer.

Can I have all the photos taken during the session? 
No, that's not needed. However, rest assured, I don't keep any amazing photos hidden away in my hard drive. I get excited when I come across fantastic photos and delete the ones that don't meet my criteria.

Are props included?
Depending on your package, props are included. Props range from a simple backdrop and balloon garlands to complete custom decor. We will review the details during the booking confirmation process.

How long does a session take?
When booking a session, the estimated time is displayed based on the selected session type.

Where will my session take place?
The location of our sessions can vary depending on your preference, weather conditions, and the styling you want for your photos. Typically, we conduct our sessions in our studio or outdoors, but we can also come to your location. The exact location details will be confirmed during the booking process. 

How many outfits can I wear for my session?
For studio sessions, we aim to capture two outfit changes for your family, while for outdoor sessions, we suggest one outfit only because changing clothes outdoors can be challenging. In outdoor sessions, we focus on capturing the family's bonds and the location instead of outfit changes.

What should we wear for the session?
Wear clothes that don't wrinkle easily. For kids, avoid clothes that you'll have to keep adjusting. If the shirt is too short to stay tucked in, reconsider those options. 


  1. Wear solid colors.
  2. Keep your photos timeless by avoiding distracting prints.
  3. Wear white/cream, black, neutrals or pastels. Feel free to reach out if you need help with styling; we'll be happy to help.

How should I prepare for the session?
Some tips on preparing for the photoshoot session: To achieve the best results, avoid using too much makeup, dark eyeshadows, and excessive highlighting on your skin. Instead, opt for a more natural and clean look. 

Try not to wear tight underwear on the day of your session. Arrive at your photo shoot in loose clothing to prevent body marks.

It's also important to be well-hydrated and eat light snacks before the session to maintain energy levels in the studio or outdoors. 

Choosing a day when you and your partner have fewer other events or appointments is crucial. Rushing between events or feeling stressed from a busy day can negatively impact the final photos. Therefore, it's essential to have plenty of time to prepare and tune into the moment. Select a day when your partner and kids will most likely be well-rested and relaxed. 

Finally, being on time is crucial.


When is the best time to book your maternity session?
If you're wondering the best time to book your maternity session, scheduling it between 26-32 weeks of pregnancy is recommended. Women usually have a beautiful and full shape during this time without feeling too uncomfortable or bloated. It's best to avoid scheduling the session during the last weeks of pregnancy. If you're carrying multiples, scheduling the session between 25-29 weeks is recommended.

Is makeup/hair included in the session?
Makeup and hair services are not included in our maternity session package. We can recommend partnering services if needed. Treat yourself to a manicure, hair blowout, and professional makeup session to enhance your natural beauty. Soft, natural, pastel colors work great for close-up shots of hands and belly.

What should I bring to the maternity session?
Here are some essentials to keep in mind:
- Makeup for quick touch-ups in between set-ups
- A hairbrush
- Body lotion
- Snacks and water: Make sure to bring enough for yourself and your family
- Entertainment: Keep your kids entertained with some fun activities.
- Extra clothing: It's always good to bring at least one extra outfit for the family in case of incidents.

How many outfits can I wear for my session?
Mom can change outfits three times during the photography session, while Dad and siblings usually change once. However, we understand that every family has different needs, so we will adjust to ensure everyone is comfortable.

What should I wear for my maternity session?
When it comes to maternity photos, there are different options you can choose from. Some mothers-to-be prefer artistic nude or semi-nude portraits, while others prefer fully clothed shots or outfits.

If you like using accessories, you can try them out, but it's best to keep the jewelry minimal as it can be distracting in the photos. Bring them if you are still deciding, as having them with you is better.

For a more subtle approach, you can wear fully clothed outfits made of fitting and stretchy fabrics that highlight your belly shape. Bringing different outfits for your session is a good idea, allowing us to capture different looks.

In addition to clothing changes, we may use fabrics to wrap around your body to cover or uncover your belly. Remember to bring a change of clothes for your partner as well.


When is the best time to book your newborn session?
We recommend booking your newborn photography session while you're still pregnant. The best time to capture your baby's photos is between 6-10 days of birth when they are in a deep sleep and can be positioned in adorable, curly poses. I can make a tentative booking based on your due date, and once your baby arrives, you can let me know, and we can schedule the session accordingly. 

Is it safe to bring my baby to the studio?
If you are wondering whether it's safe to bring your baby to the studio, rest assured that the studio is always kept impeccably clean. Moreover, all clothing, wraps, and props are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between clients. As for the staff, we stay up-to-date on immunizations and flu shots and take every precaution to ensure your new baby's safety.

Whether you come to my studio or have me come to your home, you can be confident that your baby will be in safe surroundings and safe hands.

Do you offer in-home sessions for newborns?
Yes, we do offer in-home newborn sessions. Our approach combines studio photography and lifestyle photography. We bring all studio lighting required. If your home has beautiful natural light, that's always a plus. We take a lifestyle approach for family pictures, using your home as the background. For instance, we will photograph in the nursery room, living room, and perhaps the parents' room and bed. We will discuss this at the time of styling your session. 

Please note that in-home newborn sessions have an extra fee, and there will be a travel fee based on the distance of your place from our studio in Branford, CT. 

Are props included? 
We have various props available at my studio for use during your session. While you are welcome to bring your own props based on the package you choose, rest assured that I will have all the necessary props to capture a beautiful gallery. So, you can come to the studio with peace of mind and focus on enjoying your photo session.

Can I circumcise my baby boy before the session?
We highly recommend waiting until after the photo session. We will wrap your baby boy tightly in soft and delicate fabrics during the session. Circumcision can be a delicate process, often causing discomfort for a newborn. Handling and repositioning during the photo session may further irritate the area, resulting in a distressed and unphotographable baby. Our priority is to ensure your baby's comfort and well-being throughout the session. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

 What should I bring to the newborn session?
When preparing for a photo shoot with your newborn, it's important to remember a few essentials. 

First, if you're nursing, bring any supplementary bottles for feeding. We want everyone to be relaxed and well-fed, so don't stress over milk. Also, be sure to bring plenty of diapers and wipes in case of accidents. 

It's essential to keep your baby comfortable throughout the shoot, so we recommend bringing a pacifier, as it can help minimize fussiness between poses, props, and prodding.  

Parents and siblings should bring snacks, water, and any entertainment necessary to make the shoot as comfortable as possible. It's also a good idea to bring at least one change of clothing, especially if you plan on holding your baby in nude photos. 


When is the best time to book the baby's smash cake session?
The best time to book your baby's session is 3-4 weeks before their birthday to ensure you will have your edited images and prints on time for the birthday.

How long are smash-cake sessions?
I typically schedule up to 90 minutes for a smash-cake session, but it may only sometimes require the entire duration. Typically, a session lasts about an hour; however, the length could vary depending on the baby. Additional time is left open for snuggling, feeding, tantrums, set changes, and other unexpected events.

How many photos will be included in the gallery? 
Each session includes at least 25 high-quality images. However, the exact number may vary depending on the baby's mood and behavior during the photo shoot. You can rest assured that the final selection will consist of the best photos, carefully chosen and edited to ensure your satisfaction.

What should I bring to the smash-cake session?

Here's a list of essential items to bring for the smash-cake session: 

  • Milk and snacks: even if you're nursing, bring snacks and water for yourself and the baby. 
  • Diapers and wipes: make sure to bring enough for the whole session.
  • Towel: bring a towel for after the splish-splash photos. - Change of clothes: bring a change of clothes for the baby.
  • Baby's favorite toy or item: bring an item that can help keep their attention focused.
  • Hairbrush